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'JASMINER', a brand of Sunlune, is a leading brand in the high throughput dedicated chip industry. JASMINER takes the low power consumption and high throughput as product concept, insists on exploring and innovating, and believes that science and technology create a better life.
Sunlune Technology(Beijing)Co.,Ltd. is a national high-tech enterprise that focusing on r&d and sales of memory-computing integrated high-throughput processor, and a member of high-throughput computing Industry Alliance. Most of our core members of the team came from Chinese Academy of Sciences and Tsinghua University. With years of experience in IC design, our team have completed the mass production of first memory-computing integrated high-throughput processor in the industry, which is mainly used for the implementation of proprietary algorithms in the blockchain field. Our products and services have been widely recognized in the industry.Relying on the memory-computing integrated core technology, Sunlune will devote itself to the development of universal high-end processors, fully support all kinds of algorithms and applications, provide strong guarantee for the arrival of the digital economy era, and become the global leader in high-throughput processors.We have completed 4 rounds of financing totaling 130 million yuan, and is expected to complete A round of financing of more than 600 million yuan around The New Year's Day in 2022, and plans to IPO before 2024.

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