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Digital Ecological Link to the Future 2021 Blockchain Innovation Summit event postponed hereby notified


Event postponement notice
Due to the outbreak, epidemic prevention and control in response to government requirements, scheduled for 11 Yue 19 in Chengdu organized by the ” digital ecosystem, linking the future 2021 blockchain Innovation Summit ” postponed to everyone for the inconvenience please understand, specific Event time will be notified separately.

Activity highlights
Highlight 1: 30+ heavy guests
Highlight 2: 100+ first-line media
Highlight 3: 2000+ guests
Highlight 4: 1000+ high-quality communities
Highlight 5: 70,000 square meters of event venue
10+ keynote speeches are guaranteed to make you full. If you want to know the latest developments of the event, please continue to pay attention to us!



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