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JASMINER based in China, looking at the world: Jasmine X4 series products go overseas

In the 4.0 era of the Industrial Revolution, digitization, intelligence, and networking have become prominent features. In June 2021, JASMINER held its new product launch conference in Beijing, where the JASMINER X4 (Jasmine X4) series products were officially unveiled. The main features of JASMINER’s products are high throughput and low power consumption.

With the continuous development of science and technology, mankind has embarked on the road of industrial development. The rapid development of industry has brought about tremendous changes in people’s lifestyles and quality of life. While we are enjoying a more and more convenient and comfortable life, due to the continuous exploitation and use of resources in industrial development, and even the waste of resources in daily life and production, there is a shortage of resources, and the waste gas caused by industrial production Environmental problems caused by industrial wastes such as wastewater and wastewater have gradually emerged.

According to a research team composed of more than 10,000 scientists from around the world, the current global climate has entered a state of emergency, and the frequent occurrence of natural disasters around the world should attract human attention.

In recent years, disasters have occurred frequently, glaciers have begun to melt, and the area of ​​tropical rain forests in South America has been gradually shrinking. The issue of greenhouse gas emissions must be taken seriously. Because of this, energy-saving and environmentally-friendly products are more easily recognized and favored by the public.

“High throughput, low energy consumption” means that the JASMINER X4 (Jasmine X4) series products can be completed in a shorter time when completing the same work. For the same reason, at the same time, the JASMINER X4 (Jasmine X4) series products can be completed. More work, which greatly reduces unnecessary waste of power consumption.

JASMINER has adhered to the green and environmentally friendly production concept from the very beginning of the brand. In every aspect of brand operation, it has followed the requirements of low-carbon and energy-saving and insisted not to seek its own development at the expense of the environment. This concept has also made JASMINER products recognized by many companies in the industry, laying the foundation for JASMINER to go overseas. This time the JASMINER X4 (Jasmine X4) series products are going overseas, which is not only a sign of JASMINER’s internationalization but also allows products with low-carbon environmental protection concepts to go to the world.

It is understood that JASMINER products have been loved by many users as soon as they arrived overseas. Some of its JASMINER X4 series products have been pre-sold until February next year, and many overseas companies have also sought cooperation. This may mean that green and environmentally friendly products and enterprises will be the new “outlet” in the future.



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