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JASMINER was invited to attend the special salon “HELLO METAVERSE·Welcome to the Metaverse”

On December 11, the theme salon “HELLO METAVERSE·Welcome to Metaverse” initiated by the first stop of the blockchain was successfully held in Chengdu. This salon invited more than a hundred guests from industry, academia, and professional media organizations to participate, to discuss challenges, opportunities, directions, trends, and future prospects in the meta-universe era.

JASMINER was invited to attend this salon. Hou Yuhao, the head of JASMINER’s business, introduced JASMINER’s recent business development, and shared his views on Metaverse from the perspective of blockchain practitioners, and discussed the prospects of Metaverse applications, the realization of the foundation, and the value The system and other issues were discussed with the guests present.

He mentioned that Metaverse is a kind of virtual civilization. The technologies required by Metaverse such as XR (VR/AR/MR), 5G/6G, 3D engine, physics engine, general computing power, artificial intelligence, etc. already exist. The emergence of the meta-universe is truly integrating these technologies and pointing out the future development direction of the Internet and human society.

Hou Yuhao pointed out that in the WEB3.0 era, blockchain carries the value system of Metaverse, and as the physical carrier of blockchain technology, high-throughput chips will eventually replace GPUs and have broad development prospects. The Jasmine X4 independently researched and developed by JASMINER is the world’s first integrated storage and computing chip to solve the high-throughput requirements of data. In the future, it will also be designed for cloud and data centers, blockchain applications, deep learning and artificial intelligence, design, and professional visualization. , Health care and life sciences, high-performance computing, autonomous driving, games and entertainment, and other fields of chips.

In the era of digital civilization, data infrastructure is particularly important, and the construction of computing power is also in full swing. As one of the global high-throughput computing power service providers, JASMINER is more motivated to promote the development of more digital application scenarios and support the construction of a smarter and more powerful online world. JASMINER will continue to attach importance to technological synergy and ecological integration, accelerate the exploration of technological innovation in the computing power industry, and make new contributions to the development of the computing power industry in the Web3.0 era.

In this conference, guests such as Li Jianping, a professor at the University of Electronic Science and Technology of China, Jiang Kun, the chairman of the Chengdu Science and Technology Finance Association, and Xiao Xiao, the founder of Linghui Business School, also conducted in-depth analysis and development forecasts on the blockchain industry and unanimously stated: Doing a good job in the asset allocation of Metaverse is closely related to everyone.

“This time I was invited to participate in the conference to communicate with many industry leaders, listen to their insights, and look forward to reaching cooperation with more hard-core partners who are also promoting technological innovation, and work together to shine the reality into the vast meta-universe.” Hou Yuhao said…

As a pioneer in the blockchain industry with unique industry insights, JASMINER has always focused on technology-led breakthroughs and continued to build innovation-driven hard-core competitiveness in the face of industrial-technological changes. In the future, JASMINER will continue to export more high-quality and excellent products and services to the market to empower the vigorous development of the digital economy.



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