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Attention!Beware of these fake websites!


To all JASMINER lovers:
As JASMINER products continue to go overseas and gain increasing recognition from customers, recently, many fake websites and fake social media accounts have appeared on online platforms to trick customers into entering personal information, such as bank accounts and bank passwords. Fake websites package themselves with similar images of JASMINER, and cause many customers to suffer financial losses. At present, the JASMINER team has the relevant materials as evidence.

The hyperlinks of these fake websites will either appear under different domain names or make slight changes based on the official JASMINER website, such as adding different combinations of letters, numbers, or symbols, in an attempt to mislead customers and steal their information. The following are screenshots of recent counterfeit websites and fake social media accounts.

△Front page of the fake website “”

△The fake website claiming to “upgrade the DAG of Jasminer products from 5G to 10G” is completely false, please don’t be fooled. 

△On YouTube, “Jasminer Official e-Store” is a fake official social media account.

△Recently, fake websites pretended to be official to send emails to users and even disguised the email address as an official email address, with the intent to induce consumers.

△The picture above shows the fake agency website “” built by the fake website ““. Please note that JASMINER did not officially authorize this fake agent, any information about the “JASMINER” trademark and products displayed on the “” website and sales of JASMINE products are all infringements. 

The only official JingleMining website is

In fact, since the establishment of JASMINER, various “copycat” and “false” cases have been incessant. Criminals take advantage of consumers’ love for the JASMINER brand, steal the official promotional content of JASMINER, and even use the name of JASMINER to attract investment, deceive consumers and franchisees who do not know the truth, and grab illegitimate economic benefits. These infringements not only damage the reputation and legitimate rights and interests of JASMINER, but also shamelessly deceive customers and partners.

In order to make our customers aware of the despicable methods of these criminals and avoid property damage, the JASMINER team has been actively reminding everyone to avoid being deceived by various means, such as issuing an official statement on the official account. At the same time, we also actively take legal measures to protect our own rights and interests. At present, through the efforts of the Legal Department and the lawyer team, some criminals have been punished.

Our lawyers have also sent lawyer’s letters to the recently reported counterfeit website “”, YouTube channel “Jasminer Official e-Store”, etc. If these criminals continue to infringe, the JASMINER team will take further action.

In order to regulate the market of the “JASMINER” brand and protect the legitimate rights and interests of our consumers, the JASMINER team solemnly declares:

1、The JASMINER team owns the entire trademark rights of “JASMINER“, and any other websites that add a prefix or suffix to “JASMINER”, or are similar to “” are not related to JASMINER.

2、Except for the information released by JASMINER’s official franchise or agency, any other content that claims to be ” JASMINER’s official website” is false information.

3、Solemnly warn the infringer to stop the infringement immediately, and JASMINER will reserve all rights to pursue its legal responsibility according to the law for any act that infringes the relevant rights of JASMINER.

Bringing excellent product experience to all global users and protecting our brand has always been the direction of our efforts. JASMINER hereby once again calls our customers to be vigilant and beware of being deceived. If you find any abnormal circumstances, please contact and confirm with JASMINER customer service as soon as possible. Everyone is welcome to report fake websites and false information to the JASMINER team, thank you for your attention and support.

Official website:

Email: [email protected]


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