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Advantage: High hashrate , low power consumption
Hashrate: 2500MH/s±10%
Power consumption: 1200W±10% Watt per MH/S:0.48
Working temperature: 0-40℃
Operating humidity: 5%RH-95%RH non-condensation
Network connection mode: Ethernet
Noise level: ≤75db
Delivery: from January 2022

Price: $14,999

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Jasminer X4 High-throughput server
Computing power up to 2500MH/s±10%
Algorithm support ETCHASH
ETC mining period can reach: 2026-2029
Power consumption as low as 1200w±10%
Working temperature 0-40°c
Network connection method: Ethernet
January 2022 futures   
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1. This product includes the power supply, and full payment is required.
2. This product supports SF Express (air freight by default) and Leapfrog. Please consult the logistics service provider for specific costs. The freight and insurance fees are borne by the consignee
3. In the event of an insurance incident, upon your request, we will make a claim against the insurance company on your behalf. If the insurance company refuses to pay all or part of the payment due to your failure to submit true, accurate, and complete information, you are solely responsible for it.
4. If you fail to use the product in accordance with the instructions, specifications, instructions, or conditions of use we provide to you, we are not responsible for any consequences caused by such use.
5. The actual product of the machine may be different from the picture, please refer to the actual product received.
For more details or to order more quantities, please contact us through the official website.

Please complete the payment within 3 hours for cryptocurrency payment and 24 hours for bank transfer after submitting the order. After payment, please log in to the official website user center, select “My Order”, click “Upload Payment Certificate” after the order, and fill in the payer’s name and payment amount, and other information.

Cryptocurrency (BTC, BCH, LTC, ETH, DOGE)
Payments via cryptocurrency must be made within 3 hours after you create the order, after that, the unpaid orders will be automatically canceled.

Bank Transfer
Account name: Zhongke Shenglong Technology Development (Jiangsu) Co., Ltd.
Bank account: 502774824790
Bank Name: Bank of China Co., Ltd. Rudong Tonghai Road Sub-branch

Please complete the payment within 24 hours after submitting the order and choosing the bank transfer payment method. After payment, please log in to the official website user center, select “My Order”, click “Upload Payment Certificate” after the order, and fill in the name of the payer and the payment amount, And other information.
[Contract and Invoice] According to the current tax regulations in my country, the payer (individual or company) of the order must be the same as the contract buyer and the invoice title; if the payer, contract buyer, invoice title are inconsistent, or there are multiple payments in one order In the case of the party (individual or company), the contract and invoice for the order cannot be provided. The products sold by the company can be invoiced within the current fiscal year. The customer who issues the invoice needs to request the invoicing no later than 30 days after the order is shipped. The company can issue value-added tax invoices (including special invoices)
Risk warning:
Based on industry factors, this product may increase or decrease due to the fluctuation of virtual commodity prices. After payment, it indicates that the purchaser has locked the quantity and price of this order and voluntarily assumes the risks and benefits that the market may bring. non-refundable payment shall return.

The mining machine is a customized product according to the customer’s order requirements. The purchase must be cautious. Once purchased, it is regarded as an approval of this after-sales policy!

1. Regardless of whether it is shipped or not, no refunds or returns are allowed after payment.
2. The warranty period of the mining machine and power supply products is 180 days from the date of shipment.
3. Due to market fluctuations, product prices may be adjusted at any time after your purchase. We do not assume the obligation of prior notice and price compensation.

After-sales considerations:

1.1 Free maintenance
1.1.1 If your product is within the warranty period and there is no situation that it is not repaired or not repaired for free, we will provide free repair services.
1.1.2 If you request us to provide the above-mentioned free maintenance services, you should create a maintenance work order on this website during the warranty period (the creation time of the maintenance work order is subject to the display on this website), and within 7 days from the date of creation of the maintenance work order Ship the product to the official repair point you selected in the repair order. If the product does not arrive within the above-mentioned period, we will determine whether the product is within the warranty period based on the actual delivery date.

1.2 Circumstances not to be repaired
1.2.1 For the following conditions or failures, we will not repair your product:
(1) Man-made deliberate damage;
(2) The machine is damaged due to the use of third-party overclocking software;
(3) Products other than Jasmine mining machine, counterfeit products;
(4) Scratches, rust spots and cracks on the surface caused by the manufacturing process or non-external force do not affect the normal operation of the product.
(5) Scrap: Including but not limited to burn-in, product corrosion/oxidation, chip pad pin shedding, PCB break, board hole blocked, use of POE switch, etc.
(6) According to our judgment, there are malicious insurance fraud behaviors, including but not limited to deliberately forging or replacing product or component barcodes, or using loopholes in the terms to try to obtain after-sales maintenance services that should not be enjoyed. Please note that if there is an act of replacing the barcode of a product or part, the product and part whose barcode is replaced, and the product or part that uses a barcode other than the machine will not be repaired.
(7) The product model has been issued a suspension of service (EOS) announcement and the announcement period has expired.
1.2.2 For products that will not be repaired, you need to pay the return freight, storage fees and other expenses (if any) before requesting us to return the products to you.

1.3 Circumstances where free repairs are not granted
1.3.1 If the following conditions exist, we have the right not to repair your product for free.
(1) The product has passed the warranty period
Including: when creating a maintenance work order (the creation time of the maintenance work order is subject to the display on this website) the product has passed the warranty period; the product has not arrived at the repair point within the required period, and the product has passed the warranty period when it arrives.
(2) Product warranty is invalid
The following circumstances will invalidate the warranty:
✓ Failure to install, use, maintain, and maintain the machine in accordance with the requirements of the instruction manual causes damage to the machine;
✓ Damage or loss caused by falling, damage, accident, theft, misuse, abuse, negligence, misoperation, improper installation, non-compliant maintenance, and storage, etc.;
✓ Product damage due to physical reasons, including but not limited to immersion, humidity, corrosive environment, surge, extreme temperature, transportation or abnormal working conditions, etc.;
✓ The whole machine or the board and the components on the board are crushed, broken, burned, or fall damage caused by improper operation;
✓ Product damage caused by overvoltage, under-voltage, or leakage;
✓ Product damage caused by too high or too low ambient temperature;
✓ The whole machine, structural parts, parts and components on the parts are damaged by dampness, oxidation, corrosion, short circuit and other types due to immersion or excessive use of the environment;
✓ Product damage or loss caused by unforeseen natural disasters, including but not limited to: floods, lightning, fires, earthquakes, tsunamis, lightning strikes, etc.;
✓ Dismantle the machine or make any changes to the machine, not by us or our authorized service organization;
✓ Product failure or damage caused by the use of any power supply and other accessories, parts, or components that are not produced by our products or our authorized institutions and do not meet our requirements;
✓ Use any third-party products to make unauthorized changes to firmware and hardware;
✓ Failure or damage caused by the use of unauthorized firmware or drivers, including but not limited to the use of unauthorized overclocking firmware
✓ The product is damaged due to incompatibility and/or incompatibility with the current and/or future versions of the operating system, software, and/or hardware;
✓ Damage or loss of data caused by improper use;
✓ The warranty sticker (ie fragile label) of the mining machine has been changed, defaced or removed;
✓ The SN label is changed, defaced or removed;
✓ Mixed board: part or all of the computing board and control board in the machine are not the original product of the machine or any situation that prevents us from judging whether the computing board or control board is the original machine;
✓ Any non-our company causes us to be unable to determine whether the product is within the warranty period.
(3) The product was sent for repair without proper packaging (including bare metal transportation, no cushion packaging materials such as pearl cotton, etc.).
1.3.2 For products that are not repaired free of charge, we will provide you with a repair quotation and return the repaired product or replacement product after you pay the repair fee.

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