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After-sales service clause

Please read these terms carefully. Zhongke Shenglong Technology Development (Jiangsu) Co., Ltd. has the right to modify these terms at any time and announce them on this website. The revised terms will automatically take effect after the announcement.

Special reminder: remind you to read carefully and fully understand the content of the terms, especially the terms exempting or limiting liability. If you have any questions about the terms, you should consult the after-sales customer service of this website.

Article 1 Definition

The following words used in this clause, unless otherwise defined, shall have the following meanings:

1.1 " Customer " : Refers to natural persons, legal persons or other organizations that register on this website and purchase products or services for production needs.

1.2 " Products " and " Services " : refer to the various products or services displayed and sold on this website, including but not limited to mining machines, power supplies and after-sales maintenance services.

1.3 " Bad product " , " faulty product " , " repaired product " : Refers to a product that fails to operate normally.

1.4 " After-sales maintenance service " : Refers to the testing and maintenance services provided by Zhongke Shenglong Technology Development (Jiangsu) Co., Ltd. for products purchased by customers, which are divided into maintenance services within the warranty period and maintenance services outside the warranty period.

Article 2 Application for after-sales maintenance service

2.1 If the product you purchased fails and you need to apply for after-sales maintenance service, you first need to create a maintenance work order ( " work order " ).

2.2 The information provided when creating a work order should be consistent with the information you sent the package, otherwise, we have the right not to repair after receiving the goods. If you create a work order incorrectly, all losses shall be borne by you.

2.3 If the work order information is inconsistent with the package information, you agree to the work order information content.

Article 3 Delivery of repaired products

3.1 If there is no clear stipulation, for the product to be repaired, the user shall bear the shipping cost of the product to the designated address after sales, and the shipping cost of the repaired or replacement product to the address designated by the user shall be borne by the user. The user must send the product to be repaired The product is mailed to the after-sales service. If the user mails it to the home, the relevant product will not be signed after the sale, and all consequences shall be borne by the user.

3.2 In order to avoid damage to the product during transportation, you are reminded to use moisture-proof, anti-drenching, and anti-drop packaging when sending the product, which is conducive to long-distance transportation and repeated loading and unloading of the product. Zhongke Shenglong Technology Development (Jiangsu) Co., Ltd. is not responsible for any damage, loss and other risks that occur during the transportation of the repaired product.

The first 4 Tiao rework sign

4.1 Under normal circumstances, Zhongke Shenglong Technology Development (Jiangsu) Co., Ltd. shall sign for the package normally, and then organize the unpacking of the package and the repair of the returned product. Except in any of the following situations:

4.1.1 After verification, you have not created a work order;

4.1.2 After confirmation, you have not paid the logistics cost;

4.1.3 The product packaging is seriously damaged;

4.2 In the event of any of the above circumstances, Zhongke Shenglong Technology Development (Jiangsu) Co., Ltd. shall not be liable for other circumstances except for timely notification or notification of what happened when possible. In order to facilitate you to repair faulty products in time and enjoy our after-sales service, we may choose to sign for your package in response to the situations described in Article 4.1.2 and 4.1.3 above , but this will not exempt you from the logistics costs and The risks that occur in the logistics process.

Article 5 Maintenance

5.1 Maintenance during the warranty period

If your product fails during the warranty period stipulated by Zhongke Shenglong Technology Development (Jiangsu) Co., Ltd. , and there is no free repair as stipulated in Article 6 of this clause , we will provide free repair services and bear the burden Return logistics costs.

5.2 Repairs outside the warranty period

5.2.1 If your product fails outside the warranty period specified by Zhongke Shenglong Technology Development (Jiangsu) Co., Ltd. , we will disassemble and analyze the specific failure after signing for the defective product you sent back. After completing the foregoing steps, we will give a specific repair quotation. The repair price does not exceed but may be equal to the current market price of the product or accessories sent for repair. For repair quotations, please contact customer service for inquiries. If you create a repair order in accordance with this clause and send the repaired product to us, it is deemed that you have approved the above repair quotation.

5.2.2 You should pay the repair fee in time after receiving the repair quotation notice from us [ within 3 days] so that we can send the repaired product to your designated address. If you still have not paid the maintenance fee within the specified time, we will retain your product in accordance with the law. If you have not paid the full repair costs within 30 days after we lied the product , we have the right to dispose of your product to pay for all outstanding repair fees, storage fees and the cost of realizing the lien.

Repair costs should be paid in RMB. After you complete the payment, please be sure to send the payment screenshot, the name of the payment bank card holder or third-party payment owner, and the logistics order number to the after-sales customer service for confirmation as soon as possible. If you have not submitted the above information for the after-sales customer service to confirm, We have the right not to ship.

5.2.3 For the defective parts replaced during the repair process, we will keep the parts replaced during the repair service.

5.2.4 You agree that during the process of dismantling and analyzing the fault, we will complete the fault repair at the same time. You agree to these terms, that is, you agree to our repair quotation.

Article 6 No maintenance

6.1 Circumstances where free repairs are not granted

If there are any of the following situations, we have the right not to provide free repairs:

6.1.1 Exceeding the warranty period;

6.1.2 Damage caused by immersion liquid, circuit boards and components due to dampness and corrosion;

6.1.3 Man-made damage to the product deliberately;

6.1.4 Tear or alter the serial number labels on the whole machine, computing board and other parts of the machine;

6.1.5 Failure to use, maintain and maintain in accordance with the requirements of the instruction manual, or damage caused by improper use by the end user;

6.1.6 The machine is damaged by the use of a third-party inferior power supply, the circuit board has burnt marks, or the chip is burned;

6.1.7 Damage caused by force majeure ( such as fire, earthquake, lightning strike, etc. ) ;

6.1.8 Man-made disassembly or replacement of any third-party accessories that do not meet our requirements, resulting in damage to the machine;

6.1.9 The machine is damaged due to software overclocking;

6.1.10 Counterfeit products;

6.1.11 Machine damage caused by the use of POE switches;

6.1.12 The mining machine itself is disassembled (the label of the mining machine is artificially damaged), and the components are changed or replaced without authorization;

6.1.13 The operation board or chip is crushed, broken, or burned;

6.1.14 Product damage caused by excessive voltage and leakage;

6.1.15 Product damage caused by excessively high or low ambient temperature;

6.1.16 Any situation that causes us to be unable to determine whether the product is within the warranty period.

6.2 Circumstances not to be repaired:

Products have been scrapped, including burn-in, product corrosion / oxidation, chip pad pins falling off, PCB fractures, board holes, etc.

Article 7 After-sales return

7.1 In order to avoid the loss of mining revenue due to the long maintenance time, we will randomly send you the pre-maintained products under the premise of ensuring the same type of product. Due to the random delivery, the return of the original product cannot be guaranteed, so the product you received may be different, but the efficiency of the product will not be affected.

7.2 We currently only support door-to-door logistics services (please consult the carrier company before mailing). According to different situations, we will choose different logistics methods. We have the right to decide on the choice of logistics methods. If you have any questions, please be sure to contact customer service for confirmation.

7.3 The after-sales maintenance product cycle is generally about 5 working days, excluding the round-trip logistics time.

7.4 The risk of product damage or loss is transferred to you after we deliver the package to the logistics company. If the product is damaged or lost during the logistics process, you should resolve such disputes with the logistics company yourself.

Article 8 Special Provisions

8.1 Service exclusion:

If your product is within the warranty period stipulated by Zhongke Shenglong Technology Development (Jiangsu) Co., Ltd. , the serial number has been changed, smeared or erased, or the product has failed due to the parts not provided by us or the parts of the non- Ben Jasmine mining machine brand . Due to accident, abuse, liquid splashing or immersion, negligence, misuse (including incorrect installation, repair or maintenance performed by any person other than us or our authorized service provider), unauthorized modification, extreme environment (including extreme temperature or humidity) ), extreme physical or electrical stress or interference, voltage fluctuations or electrical surges, lightning, static electricity, fire, natural disasters or other external causes. We will directly treat your returned products as over-guaranteed, and we will also charge you a fee.

8.2 Export restrictions

You must comply with all applicable export laws and regulations. Unless authorized by the laws of the mainland of the People's Republic of China, you are not allowed to export or re-export products that receive services.

Article 9 Disclaimer

9.1 We do not provide guarantees for your customer data stored in the product or related to the product in other forms, and the customer is responsible for backing up the relevant data to prevent loss.

9.2 The successful repair of the product depends on the degree of damage to the product, and we do not make any form of guarantee.

9.3 We do not make any form of guarantee for the loss of profit caused by the product during the maintenance period.

9.4 Under no circumstances will we and our affiliates be liable for any direct, indirect, incidental, special or consequential damages caused by maintenance services. In any case, our responsibility will not exceed the repair costs you pay to us.

Article 10 Other

10.1 This clause constitutes an inseparable part of the user agreement and after-sales maintenance guide of Zhongke Shenglong Technology Development (Jiangsu) Co., Ltd. , and has the same legal effect.

10.4 The interpretation of this clause normalization Branch Sound Technology Development (Jiangsu) Co., Ltd. all.

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