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Q1: How to set the monitoring index range?
A1: Setting and query interface-setting, check "abnormal mark red", you can make abnormal mark red for servers that exceed the set temperature range, lower than the set running time, lower than the set average computing power, and higher than the set rejection rate.
Q2: Why is there no computing power just after booting up?
A2: Under normal circumstances, the computing power will be displayed after 30-40 minutes of operation.
Q3: How long does it take for the after-sales machine to return?
A3: The after-sales delivery time is generally within 5 working days from the system confirming the receipt date , and the actual repair progress shall prevail. For large quantities or the complete machine repair time will be extended according to the actual situation.
Q4: How to observe the real-time running status of the server?
A4: Click to start "Automatically monitor server", set the interval time, you can automatically update to see the corresponding real-time running status.
Q5: A small number of machines have failed, how to quickly configure and run after repair?
A5: Click "Start Scan", check the servers that are powered on after repairing but have not been configured, and click "Configure Server". Do not select all, otherwise it will affect the progress of other servers.
Q6: If a certain server is running abnormally or its computing power is abnormal, how to quickly find the server from multiple servers?
A6: There are two situations:
①In the display list of sl_miner , the server status is abnormal. Check the server and click "Quick flashing green light" to quickly screen out abnormal servers with fast flashing green light. Click "green light to restore" to cancel the fast flashing.
②I saw an abnormal state of a server in the computer room. Click "Start Monitoring" on sl_miner and press the server ip report button to quickly lock the server ip number in sl_miner and check the running status.
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