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The world’s first storage-computing integrated high-throughput chip officially released Jasmine X4 chip listed on the Nasdaq big screen

Long Branch is a focus on sound memory chip count one of the high-throughput R & D, sales of high-tech enterprise, the sound of Long Branch from 2018 began to explore the research-specific algorithms for high-throughput chip, 2021 Nian 3 into months and chip packaging and testing success. A new product launch conference will be held in Beijing in June 2021, and it will be on the Nasdaq screen shortly after the launch.

The world’s first high-throughput dedicated algorithm chip “Jasmine X4 “, which is the world’s first storage-calculation integrated high-throughput algorithm chip, has a bare die of 678 square millimeters, a memory access bandwidth of 1TByte/s, a storage capacity of 5GBytes, and power consumption of 23W ± 10%. Achieve large bandwidth and low power.

Integral memory chip technology operator is the direct use of the memory for data processing, so that data stored in the same chip integration calculation which at the same time, is suitable for the depth of learning, and neural networks such as large scale data throughput amount, ultra-large-scale parallel processing applications Scene. The “Jasmine X4 ” chip is a dedicated algorithm chip that supports the underlying technology of the blockchain. The storage-calculation integrated technology has greatly improved the efficiency of data processing.

The three products equipped with the “Jasmine X4 ” chip will also begin mass production in August 2021, and the shipment of the pre-sold October products has now been completed.



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