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[Times, New, Future, Industry, New Developments] Jasmine Yuan Universe Chip Technology Exchange Conference came to a successful conclusion

On November 24, hosted by JASMINER, “Blockchain First Stop”, co-organized by Leading Finance and Business, and hosted by Hot Chain Culture Media, the Jasmine Yuan Universe Chip Technology Exchange Conference invited a number of blockchain industry leaders and people from Technocrats from various cutting-edge technology companies gathered at the Shenzhen Hilton Hotel to communicate and discuss the development, evolution and future trends of Metaverse.

At present, Metaverse has opened the door to the imagination of the blockchain world, and with the strengthening of the community consensus, it is radiating unprecedented vitality and vitality. Through keynote speeches and round-table forums, this exchange will focus on cutting-edge topics such as metauniverse industry ecology, supporting technology, terminal applications, economic systems, development deductions, and explore future development directions and opportunities and then empower all walks of life with blockchain. Multiple application scenarios.

At the beginning of the conference, Hou Yuhao, Marketing Director of JASMINER, brought a theme sharing of “WEB3.0 Trend Seminar in 2022”, and discussed the relationship between blockchain and metaverse from the perspective of blockchain practitioners. He said that the meta-universe was not created out of thin air. It was the continuation of the Internet and blockchain technology. The emergence of the meta-universe truly integrated these technologies and pointed out the future development direction of the Internet and human society, and the blockchain carried it. The value system of the meta-universe.

Hou Yuhao pointed out that in the WEB3.0 era, the high-throughput computing chip industry is the absolute outlet for the future. The high-throughput computing power chip improves the bandwidth, power consumption, and data processing capabilities of the computing power chip to a broader dimension, and is applied to a wider range of life and production scenarios. It determines the upper limit of the development of the technology industry and directly affects The future trend of the Internet industry. Currently, the Web3.0 industry is an emerging industry, which belongs to the country’s new infrastructure big data and information sector. As the global leader in high-throughput computing power chips, JASMINER is investing heavily in this new infrastructure industry, integrating R&D, storage and computing. Chips and their application products have changed the current global market structure of computing power chips, adding weight to my country’s global competition.

In the subsequent roundtable session, Hou Yuhao, Marketing Director of JASMINER, together with Lu Ping, initiator of “Blockchain First Stop”, Ouyang Xiaofei, CMO of Western World, and Xiao Xiao, initiator and host of Linghui Digital Business School, continued to focus on Yuan In-depth exchanges on popular topics such as the application, prospects, and opportunities of the universe.

This event received strong support from many industry veterans, and ended successfully in an atmosphere of focusing on academic discussions, sharing dry goods results, and focusing on the frontiers of science and technology, and received unanimous praise from the participants. In the future, JASMINER will further exert its leading advantages in blockchain technology, continue to explore the value of blockchain industry development, continue to export more high-quality and excellent products and services to the market, and empower the vigorous development of the digital economy.



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