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Why can JASMINER X4 emerge suddenly?

JASMINER X4 series products have attracted widespread attention in the industry since they were launched. With energy-saving and high-efficiency product performance, JASMINER has become the choice of many users at home and abroad.

Recently, false information that maliciously fabricated and slandered JASMINER products appeared on multiple network platforms. JASMINER severely condemned this and tried to restore the truth to continue to provide a better and pure user experience for the majority of users who love JASMINER products.

JASMINER the X- 4 chip is JASMINER researchers overcome layers of technical difficulties, which lasted three years, independent research, in 2 02 1 Nian to enter the market of a new generation of memory considered one of the high-throughput power chip count.

The chip adopts the 3 DIC process so that the computing unit and the storage unit are integrated on the same chip, and the interconnection path can be shortened and the bandwidth increased. This is like two relatives, namely “computing” and “storing”. In the previous chip, they needed to cross the mountains and pass through long lines when they “switched together”. People gather in “a courtyard”, which makes data communication more convenient.

Benefiting from the two highlights of path advantage and technological innovation, JASMINER X 4 has achieved the ultimate in power consumption and continues to lead the industry.

The die area of this chip is 678 mm², the package size is 45mm×45mm, the memory bandwidth is 1TByte/s, the storage capacity is 5GBytes, the processing capacity reaches 65MH/s, and it supports  384 computing cores and 384 on-chip caches. The high-throughput data path between the bus width is 512 bits, the main frequency is 800MHz-1GHz, the maximum bandwidth is 24TB/s, and the power consumption is only 23W.

As the world’s leading new generation of high-throughput computing power servers, JASMINER X4 High-throughput 1U server is equipped with 8 JASMINER X4 chips. Through the deep disassembly of the machine, it can be found that the JASMINER X4 chip is located under the heat sink, which provides efficient calculation and surging kinetic energy for the machine.

In the global market to explore a feasible path has always been JASMINER constant pursuit, JASMINER X4 chip release also means JASMINER is a down-to-earth breakthrough in chip technology. Adhering to the vision of “becoming a global high-throughput computing power chip leader”, JASMINER not only has the product strategic advantages of “high throughput and low power consumption” and the advantages of global landing partners, but also has the international cutting-edge “storage and computing integration” technology research and innovation strength, with the gradual improvement of the product system, the key breakthrough technology, brand and improve texture, JASMINER will be the ultimate pursuit, and constantly “Zhen core casting the soul”, to bring more surprises for domestic chip, as Global customers provide better quality and superior products and services. 



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