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Zhongke Shenglong debuted at the Web3.0 China Summit


The “2021 Web3.0 China Summit” will be held on July 15th to 17th, 2021, at the Chengdu Century City New International Convention and Exhibition Center.

This summit is the top blockchain industry conference in China and the highest-spec blockchain industry event held in China so far. As the global leader in high-throughput computing power chips, Zhongke Shenglong was invited to participate in this conference.

This grand event was co-organized by the Sichuan Chengdu Ministry of Economy and Information Technology, Chengdu Municipal People’s Government, Chongqing Economic and Information Commission, China Electronics Information Industry Group Co., Ltd., Chengdu Economic Information Bureau, Chengdu Expo Bureau and other units Undertake. During the country’s 14th Five-Year Plan period, it is necessary to thoroughly implement the innovation-driven development strategy, and strengthen the strategic support for the construction of manufacturing power and network power. It is necessary to accelerate the development of the digital economy and catalyze and create new drivers of development through digital transformation. Fully deploy the construction of next-generation information and communication infrastructure such as 5G, industrial Internet, and data centers. And all 5G communications, the Internet, and data centers are inseparable from data.

exhibition site
The consultants of Zhongke Shenglong booth are in succession

Zhongke Shenglong booth consultation continued. Its technologically hard-core booth and professional and meticulous explanations by the staff have attracted a large number of domestic and foreign-related companies to stop and discuss cooperation.

At the scene, Wang Fuquan, founder of Zhongke Shenglong, was interviewed by reporters

Forum Specially Invited Zhongke Shenglong
Talk about the storage-computing integrated high-throughput chip technology

As a specially invited exhibitor of this Web3.0 China Summit, Sonic Dragon is specially invited to participate in the theme summit forum. The Web3.0 industry is a very emerging industry, which belongs to the big data and informatization sector of the country’s new infrastructure. July On the 14th, the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology of the People’s Republic of China just issued the “Three-Year Computing Power Growth Plan” and the “Eastern Data and Western Calculation” project. Contribute to national development.

What is the integration of storage and calculation? The storage-computing integrated chip technology is produced in the context of high-throughput data processing requirements. It aims to transform the traditional computing-centric architecture into a data-centric architecture. Through the integration of storage and computing, it improves memory access. Bandwidth, reduce memory access power consumption and ultimately increase the speed of memory access technology, this technology is a revolutionary new direction of computer architecture. Zhongke Shenglong’s products adopt a stacking design, which is unprecedented in the current market, and the technology can be applied to more scenarios in the future.

Ace products
Digital upgrade and intelligent upgrade of high-throughput chips with integrated storage and computing

Zhongke Shenglong brought two new products at this Web3.0 summit:

Jasminer X4 high-throughput mini server: The computing capacity is 65M±10%, the power consumption is 30W±10%, and the storage capacity is 5GB. Due to low power consumption and fanless design, it can be widely used in homes, offices and other places where the ambient temperature is below 40 degrees, and work continuously and stably.

JASMINER X4-1U Server (Chinese name: Jasmine X4 1U server) : Computing capacity is 520M ±10%, power consumption is 240W ±10%, storage capacity is 5GB. Support ETHASH algorithm, which can support computing power for ETC, ETH, and other blockchain networks. The product design adopts the standard architecture of a 1U server, which can work in any IDC computer room, and is operated and maintained by professionals on-site, providing one-stop managed operation and maintenance services.

Zhongke Shenglong has always adhered to “customer first” as its core value, upholding the principle of fairness, justice, and openness, and achieved the first technical level in the industry. I believe that Zhongke Shenglong will still not forget its original intention and will continue to improve. Serve every miner well and make greater contributions to the high-throughput chip for storage and computing.

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